Licensed Conveyancers

VIC, NSW & QLD Services


A Conveyancer is a licensed and qualified professional who provides expert advice and personalised service during the process of Buying, Selling, Subdividing, Transferring or Developing property. We prepare and handle all relevant documentation during the entire process, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Leading with Law

As experts in property law and conveyancing Impériale leads with law. Understanding the facts allows us to read between the lines and with close attention to detail, review essential legal documents ensuring they align with our client’s terms and goals.

Buying Property

The purchase process is made of multiple phases that Impériale can assist with.

Contract Review

Before you exchange Contracts your Impériale representative will review the Contract and discuss the contents, special conditions, specifications in relation to the Vendor’s Statement and outline any suggested changes/alterations required. 

Exchange of Contracts

The exchange of Contracts is the legal process of buying a property. Two identical Contracts will be produced, one for the vendor and one for the purchaser, to be signed and dated. The signed copies are then swapped, or ’exchanged’. Once this exchange has occurred the contracts are binding.


Settlement is the final step taken in the property conveyancing process, this is when the title is transferred to you and you receive the keys. Your Impériale conveyancer will represent you at settlement with the Vendor and any incoming and discharging mortgagees. Immediately after the settlement we will notify you of the finalisation of settlement and the agent will release the keys of the property to you.

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Selling Property

Our team of professional and motivated conveyancers at Impériale will be able to guide you through the process of selling your home in a thorough and personalised manner, making sure that every need of yours is met and every question answered.

Subdivision / Consolidation

If you are thinking of subdividing to sell, or selling off-the-plan, the services of a licensed conveyancer will help you through the complex legal process of subdivision. Impériale can assist you in registering a new Plan of Subdivision or a consolidation of an existing plan with the relevant authority.


Transferring property from your name to a spouse, relative or friend can be achieved in a timely manner if handled correctly. With the help of an experienced conveyancer, clients are also able to change the manner of holding on a property or bring on an additional purchaser to the title.


During development it is important that the contract protects the interests of the developer and ensures that settlement takes place smoothly, with the maximum financial return. Impériale can prepare Contracts of Sale for the sale of off-the-plan allotments, ensuring that you comply with all relevant requirements when selling off-the-plan.

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